Mobvoi adopts the Realtek RTL8762DW for low energy and high stability

Mobvoi is an AI company focusing on audio interaction and intelligent hardware. The investors include famous corporations such as Google and Volkswagen Group. TicWatch, a smart watch developed by Mobvoi is well known in the global market. Mobvoi and Realtek have collaborated for two years. Development of TicWatch GTX was their first collaboration, adopting RTL8762CK, an ultra-low-power solution. This is the second time they work together and they adopted RTL8762DW Bluetooth 5.1, an ultra-low-power solution, to launch TicWatch GTH. With better specifications and performance, one million watches will be produced to enter the popular wearable market.

RTL8762DW Bluetooth 5.1, an ultra-low-power solution, provides high stability. It has a great monitor driving capability. Without the screen control chip, RTL8762DW  wakes 1.55” full-color HD watch screen stably and quickly. Meanwhile, it has a leading low-power advantage in the industry, therefore it can and provide TicWatch GTH with ten-day. RTL8762DW has a high-precision of 12bit ADC for 24-hour precise sampling of temperature data. The error for sensing chip is within ± 0.1°C.

RTL8762DW supports three 45MHz SPIC and one 20MHz I8080 interface. It can support Flash, PSRAM, LCD, and AMOLED monitors in single chipset. RTL8762DW integrates DMA which supports high resolution and complicated graphic processing. It has a OSD function and provides smoothly touch experience.

Realtek RTL8762DW Bluetooth 5.1 is an ultra-low-power solution. This perfect technical solution for customers can help customers launch products that meet market needs, and build comfortable, convenient intelligent user experience.

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